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Updated: Dec 31

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I’ve always embraced the philosophy, when one door closes – another door opens. It has guided me and helped me to maintain a positive and flexible attitude when the wind shifts and knocks me off of my feet. It is this philosophy that gives me the power to stand back up when I’ve fallen.

For the new year, I’m encouraging all of us to be intentional, which is different from focus or determination. Focus is concentrated attention or interest. Determination is firmness of purpose, resoluteness. But to be intentional encompasses both focus and determination and answers the question…WHY. When we understand why we’re moving in a certain direction, why a particular stance is important to us, the reasoning serves as the impetus, the guiding force that wills our position. Intention is ultimately the precursor of both focus and determination.

I’ve decided that in the upcoming year I will exclude the door altogether and walk freely across the landscape of my creative decisions and professional goals. I encourage you to do the same.

Let’s allow 2024 to be the game changer! Listed below are 5 ways we can be intentional about creative and professional success in the new year.

  1. Live in your truth. We all have that one thing that defines our individual purpose as it relates to our professional platform. Identify your purpose and respect it. Don't settle!

  2. Be honest. YOU are your brand. Your message and the reality of your life must be synonymous. If your character and reputation are not in sync, your audience will not respect YOU or believe in your product. Both will suffer.

  3. Strategize. Build your brand by writing down each step needed to accomplish your ultimate goal. Step by step you will get there. Keep your smaller goals within the confines of your ultimate goal.

  4. Celebrate and Acknowledge each goal. Allow yourself the pleasure of celebrating every accomplishment, no matter how small.

Hone in on the spirit and attitude you will project for your business first and then focus on the administrative component. IT IS YOUR PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE THAT DETERMINES WHETHER YOU WILL SIMPLY HAVE A BUSINESS OR BUILD A BRAND.

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