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Updated: Jan 2

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It takes courage to make personal and professional life changes. It’s the uncertainty that stifles us – holding us captive and preventing the flow of endless possibilities, new opportunities and above all – growth. Somehow we’ve got to weave through the maze of the unknown to walk with clarity on solid ground. 

The first step is to acknowledge that change is necessary. In my own life I’ve had to ask myself what are my greatest rewards and biggest regrets – and am I doing the personal editing necessary to be a better person? Am I allowing love and truth to flow from me and through me? I simply refuse to live a counterfeit existence!

Personal change is the forerunner and must occur before we can even begin to make changes in other areas of our lives. And yet, the paradox of choice is that while we have no choice in so many things that happen in our lives, change within the natural process of change…is a choice.

No matter what we do we will get older. But will we choose to be wiser? Will we have done a self-examination to weed out the negative and allow our minds to absorb the positive literally and figuratively? There are 2 changes I will make in 2024. One is personal and one is professional.

In my personal life I want to demonstrate more faith and be more resolute in the face of challenge. And I want to be more reflective and caring of others – even if the disposition of others reveals a lack of care for me. One does not beget the other. Care is care and love is love whether it’s reciprocated or not.

In my professional life I want to demonstrate my appreciation for your support more diligently. In the new year I will change the day of my weekly blog from Wednesday to Monday to provide an affirmative perspective as the week begins. On Wednesday, when possible, I will provide a visual affirmation to get us all through mid-week madness. Look for the reveal of my top 10 affirmation blogs for 2023 and several other exciting changes in the new year!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for engaging me with your comments, most of which are sent under personal cover to my email address. This will be my last post until the new year. But in the meantime, if you’re looking for an empowering good read for 2024, check out my book 10 Keys To Unlock The Power Of Your Mind – To Experience Confidence, Validation, Happiness and Love. You will definitely be empowered and you will receive guidance on how to nurture good relationships and exit bad ones.

Or if you know of a very special little girl who needs a self-esteem boost, order my book, From Princess to Queen - And Still We Rise! Both 10 Keys and From Princess to Queen are e-books with colorful pictures and illustrations respectively.

Or if you’re looking for a book that binds women together in a sisterhood of trust and understanding, order Lady Girl Talk – Essays and Poetry, The Drama of a Woman’s Life, available in paperback. I guarantee you will find yourself on at least some of the pages!

Finally, as you select one of my books to cuddle with, please include the one thing that defies change and choice – CHOCOLATE! It is an absolute constant in my life. That’s right! Chocolate festivity IS REAL!!

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