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Updated: Jan 2

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I’ve never really thought of my wedding anniversary in terms of years. I think of it in terms of time – time spent wisely and righteously in unison. Of course, acknowledging the years is important and we just celebrated 41 years together this past weekend! But the longevity of 359,160 hours, which is the number of hours calculated for 41 years, or the 21,549,600 minutes of time spent, cements the loyalty and commitment we have to each other in more literal terms.


This year, with all the rampant violence and prevalent evil, I appreciated more than ever our choice to focus on just being together. It made even the simplest things more intense, more meaningful, more sacred. The scents, scenes and always 1 yellow rose representing friendship, amid the dozen I received were extraordinarily significant this year. We can’t take even 1 second for granted-not the aromas that stimulate us, our landscape with its aesthetic appeal, or the simple expression of love through a single rose.

As we prepare to sleep in each other’s arms at night, I always attempt to hold on just a little longer to the day just experienced. At the close of that day, we know what we had, we know what we felt and we know how it ended. Tomorrow isn’t promised and no events are exact, but I’m convinced that

hope always awaits,

faith never betrays and

love always prevails

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