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Organically YOU is a small communications firm that specializes in public relations and brand reputation through third party credible content. We focus on relationships and building trust with partners through digital placements, editorials, influencer posts and event coverage.


Our boutique offers each of our clients passion, commitment and care. Our portfolio spans a broad spectrum of industries including artists, commercial and home decor, fitness and healthcare, marketing and personal service. They are specialists in their fields as authors, digital strategists, interior designers, body-sculptors, and luxury hair stylists. What’s your brand? Let us help you build it!

Meet Mario.

When I published my first book, Lady-Girl Talk: Essays and Poetry – The Drama of a Woman’s Life over 20 years ago, I knew nothing about the business of public relations. I only knew that I loved people, I wanted to connect with them and I wanted to celebrate with them through the message of my book. So I used my skills as a writer/journalist to reach out to local radio and television stations through phone calls and press packets. Before I knew it, I was a guest on several radio stations and landed a few regional television spots. I went on to schedule book signings and produce dramatizations that supported themes from my work. As a result, I generated enough income to assist my husband in the care of our family of 4 for several years.


Things have changed drastically since then. And as public relations and marketing have changed to include various social media platforms, I’ve had to form alliances and join forces with millennial experts to enhance my knowledge and segue into an era of media with unprecedented reach for the extraordinarily talented clients that I serve. They have worthy messages, big ideas, and products and services that need to be acknowledged, celebrated and exposed. See for yourself!


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