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Updated: Jan 2

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If you think you don’t need the validation of others you’re wrong. We all need it. Anytime a person recognizes and/or affirms you, your feelings and opinions as worthwhile they are validating you. We choose our friends based on the validation we receive from them. And we are not an island. We need friends as a component of good health.

However, self-validation is equally important. You must decide on a very personal level what’s important to you. What are your belief systems? What do you stand for? What are your values? What type of personalities do you find appealing? Who are you? The list goes on. But you must understand that you have the right and responsibility to deem yourself worthy and to require that others bestow you with respect and honor and treat you with dignity.

Honor and respect are granted to you based on your code of conduct. But dignity is an innateness that we all possess as humans. It is inalienable.

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