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Updated: Jan 2

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What YOU think and how YOU feel truly matters. They are the mental vantage points from which all of your actions are governed. And that’s important because whether your thoughts are your own or the voices of others dominating your mind, you still respond accordingly. Either way, you are governed to act and live your life on the basis of thoughts and feelings.

The precursor of feeling is thought. If you think you’re going to fail, you will feel hopeless. If you think you’re going to succeed, you will feel confident.


The thoughts you have, the ones you claim and allow to reside within you are the ones that shape your reality. The endless possibilities and the probabilities that you choose to make a reality should liberate your mind and fill you with a strong sense of empowerment. They should fill you with hope and energize you to think more profoundly, act more deliberately and love more deeply. The very fact that you exist should validate you with a sense of purpose. You are worthy. Your life has meaning. You are loved. Think that. Feel that. And believe that. That’s the undisputed truth!


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  1. Acknowledge your fears - but push past fear and trust that you will succeed in spite of it.

  2. Don't be afraid of failing. Failing forward means to keep moving and learn from your mistakes. Remember, what you learn from failing lays the foundation for succeeding!

  3. Self-confidence is contagious and empoweringAs your self-confidence grows, you give others the courage to demonstrate self-confidence as well!

  4. The premiere success is personal self-confidence. When you are self-confident, everything else simply falls into place. 

  5. Success and self-confidence are not about doing starting businesses and building brands, it's about being stabilizing and unifying your confidence with your esteem. It involves understanding your value - your worth, which is self-esteem, and measuring it in conjunction with your confidence, which is your belief in yourself and your abilities. 

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