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To Be Continued

This post first appeared exclusively for subscribers to my weekly affirmations blog. However, I thought it warrented exposure as a post on my website as well in support of Women's History Month. The beautiful card below was given to me years ago by a dear friend. I wanted to pay homage to the 2 women professionals that have inspired me the most.

Dedicated to Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole and Susan L. Taylor




Do you recognize your value and understand your worth? The standards are closely related, but there are some unique differences as it relates to our roles as women. When you consider the beneficial rewards of loving yourself and how that empowers you – providing you with confidence, self-awareness and the freedom to determine what’s best for you mentally and physically, you self-advocate and become an ambassador of your own goodwill. As you self-advocate, you illuminate a light, an energy, that empowers other women and young girls to self-advocate and self-care as well. The value of your existence becomes evident and the beneficial role you play in your personal life and in all other areas, including family, work and community, is inevitable. All of this can be accomplished, [and often is] without you ever saying a word. It is interpersonal with social rewards.


Your worth is an ongoing progression of merit that increases as you grow intellectually and/or professionally, and can involve what you offer in terms of your knowledge or skill as a contribution to society.


The two greatest examples of professional leadership and women empowerment I have encountered are Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole and Susan L. Taylor. Neither of these women need an introduction, but I’ll provide a brief one for my younger constituents.

Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole is an anthropologist and educator. She was the first female African-American president of Spelman College, a historically black college, serving from 1987 to 1997. She was president of Bennett College from 2002-2007. She was also the Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art. It was Dr. Cole who demonstrated to me that every woman is valuable, regardless of status, and each one is worthy of honor.

Susan L Taylor is an American editor, writer, and journalist. She served as editor-in-chief of Essence from 1981 through 2000, and Taylor's monthly inspirational column, "In the Spirit", became a popular feature of the magazine. She is founder of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, which has as its mission to heal and transform the lives of impoverished Black children. It was Susan who centered me and instilled in me the belief that my existence and my voice had significance and was worthy of attention.

The common thread between these 2 women is that they are both givers, not takers. They are selfless in the direction and support that they offer and have both personally assisted me in building my brand, as opposed to taking or stealing the messaging of it. I learned from both women that it is not power, popularity or money [as they both have] that provides confidence. Indeed, some women who have extraordinary power, popularity and money are supremely insecure.


Confidence results when we align our purpose with the understanding that there is room and a need for all of us. Helping another sister to shine her light doesn't mean that our candle will dim or blow, even if the sister we support is holding a torch! 

Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole and Susan L. Taylor are exceptional women leaders who understand that bosses lead with fear and intimidation, while leaders lead with confidence and affirmation.

To be continued are their examples of value and worth. They are amazing women empowerment leaders and living legends, providing an ongoing legacy of sisterhood, support and dignity.

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