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I took this picture facing the window that accompanies the kitchen and family room on the other side. It’s symbolic of the fact that I work from home, which includes my role as an author, blogger and publicist. I used to joke that working from home posed a serious and imminent threat to the success of my business. I’ve come to the healthy conclusion that it’s no joke! Even now, with all of my proven strategies about managing work life with home life, I still struggle. I can’t work unless my surroundings are clean and everything is in place and beautiful. Chaos in my home just automatically generates chaos in my head.


I had to realize that it wasn’t about how I managed my home and my business. And it wasn’t even about how I managed my time. It was actually about how I managed myself. That’s right…self-management, in my opinion, is the single most significant factor in the success or failure of any endeavor.


I learned that self-management required me to access my feelings about my environment, my work and myself and make a decision about how to proceed. It’s an inter-dependent triad that ultimately determines the functional success of every component of my life.

Since my home is where I work, and since my creativity is ignited as a result of my home’s ambiance, and since my health determines my ability to do any and all, I choose to handle all with care, nurturing them all within the time frame of a single day when possible or several days when necessary. The point is that life is indeed a process in which balance may be impossible. Harmony, as I now insist, is the simultaneous ebb and flow of order that supersedes balance in a woman’s life. Let the music play ladies. And when necessary, let it reach a crescendo that reminds you that your life is a melody with which to dance!

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