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Happiness Is A Choice

Updated: Mar 23

The first thing I did was light the scented candle on my desk to allow the warmth of the vanilla to intoxicate me and wrap my mind and body in comfort. I was tired. Tired of the daily grind, the noise and chatter on the airways and the constant ‘NO’s’ to the one YES it takes months, sometimes a few years or more to receive.


Life is indeed a blessing. But the hustle and grind we endure on a daily basis can snuff the good components of life right out of us. But don’t let it! We must control our thoughts and our responses to things that occur that would typically DRIVE US CRAZY or even frighten us! I’m still working on it. However, I am certain that impulsivity and impatience are a narrow minded response to unfamiliar circumstances and the 2 emotions imply immaturity, lack of knowledge, and in some cases ignorance. Lack of knowledge relates to lack of information regarding the process. That's common even with the launch of a business. But it can also serve as a protection against overwhelming feelings. You ultimately learn your business as you grow your business. However, ignorance relates to lack of forethought or regard for the outcome of your actions.

Trust yourself to find a way when there is no way by using your faith, creativity and resources. If you don’t know how to navigate a situation, find someone you trust - and who is familiar with your circumstance and goal and allow them to guide you. There is always an answer – always a resolution.


I’m certain that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. Positive driven thoughts yield positive driven results, which equals happiness, which equals success. Negative driven thoughts yield negative driven results, which equals sadness, which equals failure.

Today was difficult and challenging at times. But I’m resolving to place my frustration aside, release every ounce of stress, and wrap up in a blanky as I watch the rain trickle into the darkness of night amid the backdrop of the jazz my hubby just turned on. Just sipped my first taste of goodness. Join me? I’m having green tea flavored with pomegranate. DELICIOUS!

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