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My Patio In The Trees

Every home should have that special gathering spot where family and friends come together for hours of laughter, reassurance and love amid the tragedy and residue of the pandemic.

Outdoor space for entertaining and family gatherings
Nestled in the trees for entertaining and family gatherings.
A cozy spot for intimate conversation. My Patio In The Trees.

My special gathering space is my back patio located on the main level – which is also the top floor level just off of the kitchen. It appears to be nestled in the trees, which is why I affectionately refer to it as my patio in the trees.

Since the back wall is all glass, I brought the indoor ambiance outside with a glass top table and modern teak furniture with white, soft cushions. My hubby and I use it as a space to relax and meditate. But we warmly, yet enthusiastically use this space to entertain and pamper our family and friends.

Family gatherings are one of my favorite events and when they feature the triple joys of family, food and fun…it’s EVERYTHING!

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