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A Place And A Space

Summer came and went so quickly and most of our school-aged children are back-to-school! That means that they will need a place and a space that suits that purpose. The place is the general location we provide for our children, for example a library, or better yet, a home. And the space is the specific location within the place designated for our children to work and learn. If possible, select a location at home that will support your child’s needs.

Kitchens are hubs for eating, connecting, sharing and learning. They are multi-purpose rooms where we congregate. They can be a great place for our children to do homework and school projects especially if there’s a designated location within the kitchen like a nook or island where they can work.

However, bedrooms provide the best space for our children to imagine, explore, study and create. Bedroom walls should be painted in either white or bright colors to create a mood of happiness and an ambiance that looks engaging and fun!

Whether your child is in pre-k, elementary, middle or high school their bedroom should contain 3 aspects: good lighting, positive affirmations and a desk or table that can double as a desk. (Dressers can work as well if the time they are utilized isn’t too long.) Be sure to allow room for your child’s arts and crafts! This promotes high self-esteem and validates your child.

Below meet 4 children ranging in age 4 to 13 and check out how their bedrooms employ either all or at least one aspect necessary for effective creativity and learning.

Jackson, Age 4, Pre-K

Jackson's room includes reading corner, learning desk and chair, and rocking chair for "mommy and me" time.

Jenai, Age 11, 6th Grade

Janai's room is a lovely expression of herself and includes a dresser and desk for studying and creativity.

Lenia, Age 12, 7th grade

Lenia's room is beautiful and breathes creativity with custom lighting and two areas for her to create art & paint.

Charles, Age 13, 8th grade

Charles' room is filled with motivational quotes on the wall and has a special closet that doubles as a video game area.

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