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My Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is sssoooo corny and lame but it has become a growing sensation for me. As you know, I run a home-based business. My office desk sits adjacent to my dining room and on any given day I can lean just a tad to the left to view the freshly cut flowers I have on display. My younger self had no interest in flowers and frankly could take them or leave them. Whatever!

But one day, several years ago when I arrived home from work, my husband surprised me with an array of freshly cut red gladiolus displayed on the glass top dining room table. They were absolutely beautiful. Literally every week since then, I honor my husband’s thoughtfulness towards me with a batch of fresh flowers in the spring, summer and fall and an enormous collection of dried pussy willows in the winter. The problem is…sometimes when I’m in the thick of thought I become distracted and head off to the farmer’s market to fresh flower shop and sniff. I sometimes lose about an hour or two with my unpredictable market visits. I guess it could be worse. But I just can’t believe this love affair I’m having with flowers. They make me smile and so very happy. Calla lilies are my favorite but I try others too! Check out my recent displays of calla lilies and hydrangea.

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