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POWER Exponentially

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

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Can you believe that in just 15 days the month of December begins? This is the final stretch before the new year kicks in! WOW! So much has happened this year on the heels of pandemic recovery. And yet, the pandemic still lingers ominously, though seemingly less severe. However, we are determined to heal, to normalize our lives, to regain our bearing and find ourselves. We can and we will!

To accomplish any and all of it, we must tap into our “womanness”. You’re thinking…Is “womanness” really a word? The answer is kinda sort of. It is linked to the word womanliness – but the depth of what I’m encouraging you to do is best expressed with the word WOMANNESS. Think of all that embodies our nature…the complexities of being both weak and strong, gentle and tough, assertive and aggressive - and the wisdom to know which characteristic is necessary in the moment to accomplish our purpose. We use our grace and fragility as an invariable tool to guide our men in accomplishing the heavy lifting our bodies can’t handle. We use our beauty coupled with intellectual prowess to effect societal changes when necessary.

We are the channel through which birthing, mothering and nurturing originate. WE ARE POWERFUL!

I have referenced POWER with the acronym PUSH ON WITH ENERGETIC RHYTHM. The idea being if we keep in step, maintain focus and keep pushing ahead, we will ultimately reach our goal. However, we possess an exponential power that is far greater than the power of my initial acronym. It is POWER² or quite literally, Power To The Second Power in YOU. To recognize our exponential power, we have to stabilize ourselves in the truth of its meaning.

You must singularly

  1. Recognize and understand your Potential.

  2. Seek Opportunities that will enhance your endeavors and don't dismiss them when they become available. Become the leader of your circumstances and an active participant in matters of choice.

  3. Will yourself to personal and professional success. Control your thoughts. Stay positive, but be governed by principle, not emotion.

  4. Utilize your Energy and believe in your hype!

  5. Be Resilient. Stay the course. Acknowledge your fears but move past them. Stay true to yourself, and walk in righteousness.

Later this week I will feature Adrienne Maye, a powerful woman who helps people with diabetes management. Stay tuned!

Live on purpose and in purpose! More power to you!

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