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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

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I have missed you! I know that I have been missing in action but it was necessary. Out of nowhere I was hospitalized for 5 days while simultaneously learning that my oldest son and his wife are moving to India! And just like that life as I lived it was halted! I had to jump out of that hospital bed with a quickness-which meant that I had to arrange for/invite several family members to Atlanta for a farewell/best wishes sendoff-which meant that I had to ensure that every corner of my house was perfect for my sons and their wives to return home to relax comfortably-which meant that I had to quickly plan a fabulous party replete with savory catered dishes including creole style fettuccine with andouille sausage and chicken; bourbon chicken kabobs with seasoned rice and steamed broccoli; and 2 vegan selections-roasted butternut squash with goat cheese crumbles, dried cranberries and drizzled honey; and charred steak mushrooms with chimichurri, sundried tomatoes and black bean corn salad. The food was DELICIOUS! [I had to tell you about it!] My ambiance was FABULOUS with long stem calla lilies gracing the dining room table, and oversized bathroom baskets filled with specialty soaps and potpourri that scented every room with an aroma of warm vanilla. The entire house inside and out was filled with laughter, excitement and love!

It was a whirlwind of a month and a bit overwhelming. But I was determined to provide my son and daughter-in-law with an event that they would remember fondly forever! Full transparency, when I was released from the hospital I put the brakes on for a week. I invoked the help of my youngest son and his wife to plan a 4-day itinerary for the family leading up to the party that Saturday. I knew they would do a wonderful job and they did! We went to Colony Square's IPIC theater where they serve dinner as you watch a movie, walked the belt-line, toured the city and more. That allowed me to take a full 7 days to do nothing but rest. And every day thereafter, I coordinated and planned for my kids and other family members to arrive until around 5pm. Early evenings were designated for relaxation and continued healing.

As a mother, I wish my son’s missionary work was closer to home. But as his spiritual sister, I am so proud of him and my daughter-in-law on their journey in helping others to find real truth, peace and hope.

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