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I Wood...Would You?

I absolutely love decorating with wood! It’s organic and I love the naturalness of it in all of its varieties. I combine them all – oak, cedar, bamboo, pine, teak…and the list goes on. The confidence I employ when it comes to decorating with wood mirrors the confidence I exude and possess when it comes to living in my purpose.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is to utilize our talents in a way that celebrates our uniqueness. It takes a keen self-awareness and extraordinary courage to push aside the fears and doubts that cripple us into settling for less than we deserve. So how do we push past our insecurities and honor our value? One of the most significant ways is to create your own platform and walk on it! A literal platform is a raised level surface on which you stand. It elevates you above the ground level.

The platform we create for ourselves involves changing our mind set and elevating our self-perceptions and expectations.

Think the best of yourself and require that you act according to your new perception. Manage your days in such a way that moves you forward and gets you closer to your new expectation. Don’t play follow-the-leader when it comes to your uniqueness. YOU be the leader of your own trajectory. You can do this because your value is immeasurable!

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