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Erin Williams
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There are all kinds of fall trends that are coming out right now! It can be overwhelming! So I’ll keep it simple with just 2 fall beauty trends needed for mature skin:

1. Skin is In!

As we get older, our skin loses hydration, collagen and elasticity. Create a day and night skin care routine that works for you. Hyaluronic Acid, nyacinamide and retinol are three key serums that will help add hydration to your skin for a plump and glow look! Remember, good makeup starts with great skin!

Instead of applying foundation all over, apply foundation and/or concealer only on your dark circles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Use a dense foundation brush to blend and even out the product. The trick with using foundation and concealer while maintaining the natural look is to use products only where you need the coverage.

2. The Eyes Have It!

Start with a fuller brow. Pencil-thin brows can make us look harsh, angry and older - I’m just sayin’! And as we get older, our eyes start to droop. A fuller brow that’s well-shaped, can look more youthful and gives you an instant eye lift.

There are about 15 colors that have been chosen for Fall/Winter 2023/2024. Let’s be for real! Ain’t nobody got time to be thinking about all those colors when doing our makeup!! Out of the 15, here are 3 colors that work on all complexions and all age groups:

- Rose Violet

- Sage Green

- Red-Brown

Now, you might not wear all these colors at the same time but fall is all about being a little bolder with our makeup so try using at least one color to highlight those gorgeous eyes. Simply use your finger to tap the color all across your lid for a wash of color. Add some mascara and BOOM - easy eyeshadow look every time!!

I really hope you try these looks! Take a chance and be bolder with your makeup because of the best things about getting older is that we care less and less about what people think and we don’t need to keep up with every trend to look good!! You know why? Because we’re Grown-Grown!!

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