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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

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Have you noticed the leaves already beginning to change color? Yesterday I noticed the distinct scent of fall in the air – the lingering, slightly damp aroma of tree roots enveloped in a clean, crisp atmosphere of sun-dried precipitation from the prior evening. For those of you who love summer – the transition may be somewhat daunting. For those of us who love, Love, LOVE the fall – the transition is inviting and invigorating! No matter where you fall on the spectrum however, change is happening.

That’s the thing about life…change is inevitable. Time never, ever moves backwards and we simply can NOT control the past. So we shouldn’t live in it either. I know we’ve all heard this before, but how many of us are really really applying it? Let’s store away the good events of the past as precious memories. Let’s release the bad events as time gone by. And let’s use the moments we create in the “present” as gifts to effect positive change in our personal lives and in the lives of those we influence the most.

There are 3 ways that we can manifest change in our lives right now:

  1. Attitude! So as a woman thinks…so shall it be!

  2. Surroundings. Remove clutter from your space, which liberates your mind to think clearly and freely.

  3. Association. Remove toxic people from your life today! Now! Toxic people are like a poison that suffocates and shortens your life span. Choose life!

Ladies control the changes that happen in your life. It’s your day...your time…your season!

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