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In My Solitude

It’s not that I’m eternally alone or that I even feel that way. My solitude is not the result of circumstance but rather purposeful choice. I’ve just come to appreciate that there is freedom in taking or making time for myself and turning inward to listen to my thoughts and just be. It’s a peace and quiet that dominates and supersedes the natural sounds of suburban life. It’s that time and space that allows me to either sit still (usually on my patio in the trees) or to amuse myself by writing or by going on a rampage of celebrating all things art.

Shockingly, I’ve began a love affair with culinary art! I’m exploring all kinds of plant based dishes. Even specialty soaps are art to me. I collect them to display or to dump in a huge basket I have in my guest bathroom on the main level. Inhaling all of the sweet or citrus scents is so relaxing and it magnifies the welcoming ambiance in my home. Sometimes I combine soap collecting with fresh flower shopping (something I never imagined doing when I was younger). And sometimes I appease myself by shopping for fresh pieces of art. I’m not always able to make a wall art purchase, but just viewing it comforts me and allows me to expand my appreciation and respect for individuality. Then there is the comfort shopping I do in search of unique wooden jewelry to include earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I truly believe that the way we adorn ourselves can actually be a self-affirming message of our truth, defining and shaping our individual artistry. It’s a celebration of how we view ourselves and the world around us. I’m in love with the colors and textures, but most of all our power to present ourselves as classy or smart, or dainty or professional or beautiful or artsy…

In my solitude I make myself available to consider the people that I love and the people that love me. I am keenly aware that the 2 are very different. The ones I love are not necessarily the ones that love me. But I am certain that sometimes we have to love someone and treat them with care, even if they resist, simply because we know better. Love is always the answer. Always. So in my solitude, on the days when reflection is foremost, I release my heart to the wind, trusting as I always have, that my love, my care will invariably land on those who want it, and especially those who need it – whether they know they need it or not.

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So beautiful are your words, words of wisdom for meditation and reflection you truly are inspiring

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