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8 Naturopathic Tips For Improving Your Health

As much as I hate the neediness and attention demands of Instagram, I heard these tips @obaapapatheo and I thought they were interesting, holistic and definitely worthy of trying. I’m familiar with some of the tips and I know they work. I hope you will benefit from the ones you decide to try.

1.    Put toothpaste on your feet to eliminate cracks and extreme dryness. It will transform your feet and make them feel baby soft.

2.     Apply a mixture of carrot and coconut oil to your face and look 10-years younger from day one.

3.    Whiten your teeth by mixing instant coffee, toothpaste and olive oil. It also removes tarter.

4.    Mix onion, white rice, cloves and rosemary for hair growth.

5.    Oregano is the most effective natural antibiotic in the world. It is more powerful than lemon, garlic and green tea.

6.    Apply onion and olive oil directly to your eye lashes for a very fast solution to make them grow longer.

7.    If you mix bay leaves, rosemary and ginger you will get the best syrup to stop cough and eradicate illness.

8.    Drink hot water with turmeric and lemon every morning on an empty stomach to eliminate body fats from your body.

Herbs are wonderful God-given remedies for supporting our health and well-being. Many can be grown in-doors or in pots that can be easily managed, So have at it! Drink your teas, sip your turmeric and sprinkle your oregano. You will feel better and your foods will most definitely have that extra kick of deliciousness!

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